Executive chef at the Brasserie, Michel Michaud, has since 1 September 2014 also taken over the responsibility for the gastronomic offering at Molskroen. In collaboration with Molskroen’s sous-chef, Lasse Paulsen, Michaud will create the framework for the high gastronomic standard of Molskroen.

We look forward to a new journey together with our guests – a journey, which marks a continuation of the uncompromising kitchen standards and the gastronomic excellence, which has always been Molskroen’s trademark, as well as a new gastronomic dimension supplied by our Grand Chef Michel Michaud and his interpretations of the French Haute Cuisine.

The menu is centred on oysters, turbot and not least lobster, which are taken straight out of the lobster tank in the restaurant. In addition to the seafood you will find foie gras and tournedos among other things, while the much-loved cheese trolley also makes its return.

You can also try the extraordinary new 6-course menu: Molskroen Signature.

Have a look at the new menus here on our website.

Look forward to a taste experience out of the ordinary!


Brasserie – Molskroen Strandhotel

Those who have experienced French brasserie culture first-hand will recognise the very special atmosphere of such establishments. It is more than just the food – it is very much a matter of the setting and how the food is enjoyed. Instead of focusing on form and protocol, it is in the spirit of the brasserie to serve simple, unpretentious dishes using the best ingredients – and to create an informal atmosphere where guests can have a pleasant time and relax.

At the Molskroen Strandhotel Brasserie, one of the true heavyweights of the Danish culinary scene, our Grand Chef Michel Michaud, has been given carte blanche to create his very own take on classic French brasserie cuisine. The food here is typically fish and shellfish – a logical choice with the sea views from the beautiful terrace. A number of Michaud’s renowned classics also feature – such as his tartare of beef and his famous Gâteau Marcel dessert – and now there are also selected Danish lunch dishes and traditional smørrebrød (a type of open sandwiches) of the best quality on the menu.


A Hereford Beefstouw

Welcome to A Hereford Beefstouw – Mols!

The world of A Hereford Beefstouw revolves around the steak – prepared on the grill in the middle of the restaurant. For more than 30 years we have developed our basic concept: well-hung, tender, juicy steaks from non-frozen meat imported from places such as Australia and South America, where they are experts in beef cattle.

The restaurant, which opened in April 2014, features a simple and minimalist design – a completely new and modern take on the classic A Hereford Beefstouw. The open grill is still the heart of the restaurant, from where our guests have a fantastic view into the hotel’s large kitchen.

In the restaurant, you will also find our well-assorted salad bar and the special decanting device for our house wine. Furthermore, you will find a novelty: our large lobster tank, from which the chef will catch the lobster right before he prepares it on the hot grill.

We look forward to welcoming you for both lunch and dinner.